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Customizable Solutions

Creating a Web Based Software Program that Fits Your Exact Needs

Customizable Solutions

When we say we offer customizable solutions, we mean it. Give us the mandates required by you and your customers, and we’ll develop a data management program that addresses your specific needs.

Do your customers all have different mandates? Our program can be programmed to set up mandates by customer, making it easy to find the employees you have on file who have fulfilled the required training needed for a particular job.

Do your customers sometimes ask for audits of employee records and licenses? Security Plus lets you scan records supplied by employees into the system. Supplying your customers with requested documentation becomes simple when using OSCA/ASAP’s Security Plus program.

With OSCA/ASAP, there are an infinite number of formulas we can use to set up your program. You can organize your information by mandates, job title, contractor or work location, just to name a few. Documents, licenses, expiration dates - searching for employee training records becomes easier and more efficient with Security Plus.

The best way to understand how our program can help you simplify the burden of compliance is to see it. For a virtual tour of our program, please call one of our customer service representatives toll-free at 866-699-2727.

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customizable solutions
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